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Handheld pneumatic marking machine



Machine advantages


The mark and rubbing is clear, which conforms to Ministry of public security of inscription rubbing standards. Cooperate with special tooling. It can also be used in nameplate-printing. One camera dual use, economical and practical.


Machine application


It is a series of products, designed according to the demands of automobile manufactures (like two-wheeler, trailer, tuner, special vehicle, passenger car) mainly used in car-body printing, car frame, and VIN code.


Machine parameters


Marking scope
Marking Depth
Repeat precision printing
0.02 mm
Print speed
3 characters per 24 second in type size 3 or 120mm straight line 
Marking head
13.5 kg
Shape dimension of marking head
Power consumption
Air Power supply
0.1-0.7(M pa)
Power supply   
AC220V 50 HZ



Machine samples


                                            Marking on metal


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