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Portable flame cutting machine


Machine features


1. Programmable cutting arbitrary shape parts of line and arc.

2. Dynamic and static graphic display, easy to learn. Can convert CAD file in computer, through USB flash drive transmits to machine to realize cutting all kinds' graphs. And also can program and operate directly on the machine.
3. Track and movement organizations adopt unique design, ensuring the working precision of machine.
4. Interfaces in English or Chinese can be converted freely.
5. Can use flame cutting (gas cutting) and plasma cutting.
6. Economical, Portable and easy to operate.                  
7. Great working stability. Effective shield plasma high frequency interference.

Machine parameters


Input Power
220+10%V AC 50Hz 220W
Cutting Mode
Flame(gas)cutting; Plasma cutting is available
Effective Cutting Range
Cutting Speed
50-2000(Max. 4000) (mm/min.)
Cutting Thickness(Flame)
5-150mm(Oxygen + Acetylene or Oxygen + Propane)
Cutting Thickness(Plasma)
According to customer's plasma power supply
Cutting Torch and Height Adjustment
Flame, electromotive height adjustment (+50mm)
Host Weight
Gas Pressure
Max. 0.1MPa
Oxygen Pressure
Max. 0.7MPa
Types of gas
Oxygen + Acetylene or Oxygen + Propane
Programming Software

Machine parts





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